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Makefile templates and LDFLAGS LD_PATHS

On Thu, 2004-05-06 at 11:01, JP Bonn wrote:
> The Makefile templates have LDFLAGS and LD_PATHS and they are described
> in the Readme but when I set them they do not seem to be getting passed
> to the command line.

>   I noticed a log entry saying LD_PATHS was removed.
Yes, LD_PATHS has been removed from all files being used for compilation
of the source-tree. This comprises make/cfg/*.cfg but does not include
them Makefile templates, because they are not used by the source tree.

>  Are the flags supposed to work or are the templates and documentation
> incorrect?
LDFLAGS is used by the source-tree, but passing it from the environment
currently is not supported (I.e. it will not work inside of the

LD_PATH is neither used nor supported by the source-tree.

I don't know about the status of the Makefile templates, because I don't
consider them to be worth being used nor continued. If Joel wasn't so
stubborn about them, they would have been gone long time ago.