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some newbie questions

sebastian ssmoller wrote:

> it seems that this funktion (hook) is not implemented for all bsp (?) is
> there a reason ?

printk() actually is newer than some of the older BSPs and it
just hasn't been done.

FWIW some of the BSPs which do not seem to have users any longer 
have been purged in the 4.7 tree.  This is usually done after
checking when the last mention of the BSP on the list is, 
when the last non-configurery change was, and asking the person
who submitted it if the BSP is still in use.

> >
> > Do you have LEDs?  With 4 LEDs you could count to sixteen.
> unfortunately i only have one LED :) ...

Remember the bits that were in TRON --- YES .. NO...
> thx
> regards,
> seb
> (...)

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