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support for TI C3x/C4x DSP

Ted Buswell wrote:
> Hi -
> I'm investigating RTOS options for a new project.
> What is the current status of RTEMS support for TI's DSP's?

The port itself worked well the last time I had a working
toolset and target hardware.  The problem is that the GNU tools
have required patches to work with the c3x/c4x targets.  

> Searching the mailing list, I don't see much mention
> of it aside from the port announcement back in 2000.
> Is this a target people are currently using?

I somehow doubt there are many users.  I do know that the project
we ported RTEMS for had great success using libchip drivers
and the performance was better than I had expected on the overall
> Any feedback appreciated.

The big issue is the toolset.
> Thanks,
> -Ted