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inw/outw on PowerPC in rtems

gregory.menke at gsfc.nasa.gov wrote:

>I'm putting together a 3c59x PCI driver for RTEMS, its at a point
>where I'm testing it now- but I'm having trouble accessing the card.
>I have the PCI side under control, but the chipset exists in io space,
>and the inw/outw functions don't seem to be doing the right things.
 inw accesses ISA I/O space. Unless your
BSP uses the same base address for ISA and PCI I/O space (plus: the 
has to configure your card's base address consistently - PreP and CHRP 
probably work), you'll have a problem.

I usually prefer in_le32() which gives you more control over the base 
Using in_le32() with a BSP defined base address makes your driver easier to
use on different BSPs.

The respective macros and inlines are defined in 

-- Till

>I'm about to start the search down into gcc/newlib/rtems and find
>them, but I was hoping someone might have a hint as to their location
>and status before I do so.  Any suggestions welcomed...