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Upgrading BSP from 4.5.0 questions

Am Mit, 2003-02-12 um 03.20 schrieb Paul Evans:
> Hi All,
> I'm looking at upgrading to a newer RTEMS (I'm
> using the 2003-01-28 snapshot.) I've got a two questions
> I'm hoping someone can help me with:
> * The 4.5.0 configure command I used was 
>  >config_command="../rtems-4.5.0/configure --target=m68k --enable-posix 
>  >--enable-cxx --prefix=/data/rtems/m68k-$VERSION 
>  >--program-prefix=m68k-rtems- --disable-networking --disable-itron 
>  >--enable-maintainer-mode"	
> This no longer works for me, the --program-prefix is ignored,
Right, program-prefix has been dropped.

> make tries to used tools named m68k-* instead of the oar
> kit's rtems-m68k-* 
It tries to use <target>-*, ie. if using --target=m68k-rtems, the tools
need to be called m68k-rtems-*.

> I symlinked everything in /opt/rtems/bin
> to m68k-* and this works. 
program-prefix has never worked correctly. 

> I'm wondering why this happened?
rtems-4.6.0 supports Canadian-Cross building. In this case, it is not
clear which of the toolchains being involved program-prefix is meant to
be applied to (target, host, build?).

> * My BSP is  broken when building wrapup I get
>  >Making preinstall in wrapup
>  >/bin/sh: cd: wrapup: No such file or directory
> Do I need to modify all my Makefile.am's to look more
> like the snapshot bsp's or is this something else?
I can't answer this without having seen your sources.

>  Is
> there any support for builidng a BSP in both 4.5.0 and
> the current snapshot w/o mods?
No, though the diffs between 4.5.0 and 4.6.0 BSPs are not "that large",
a BSP's configure.in/configure.ac, bsp_specs, Makefile.am,
wrapup/Makefile.am and <bsp>/<bsp>.cfg in most cases differ sufficiently
to be incompatible.