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why tmacros.h

Francesco Poletti wrote:
> Hy,
> I don't understand why tmacros.h isn't incluse in the install
> directory, does anybody think that will be helpful in the development
> of an application?

It is usfeul but primarily there for the tests hence "Test MACROS.h".

confdefs.h started out as a test .h file and grew into the beast it
is now.  

It would take a review to verify useability in applications but it they
are really useful, then there is nothing wrong with taking (some of) the 
routines in tmacros.h, cleaning them, documenting them, and moving them
the rtems.h side of the world.  But I think some are actually checking 
internal RTEMS variables to ensure proper system status.  So be careful.

> Thanks to all Francesco.

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