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Multiple dec21140 cards?

That's a piece of cake - the driver is reentrant.

  1) increase NDECDRIVER
  2) enhance the 'driver_attach()' routine to support
     multiple instances:
       a) extract instance number from the configuration
          using rtems_bsdnet_parse_driver_name()
          a la libchip/if_fxp.c
       b) change the call to pcib_find_by_devid (as a courtesy
          to x86 users) using the instance number (minus one)
       c) on __PPC, eliminate the PCI scanning loops and
          replace them with a call to BSP_pciFindDevice()
          who also takes a 'instance' argument (use your
          instance number minus one)
  3) modify the ISR so it figures out what device to serve

  4) submit your modifications :-)


-- Till

gregory.menke at gsfc.nasa.gov wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using a MCP750 with the onboard dec21140 as dc1, I have a 2nd dec
> board on the backplane that I'd like to use as dc2.  The dec driver
> indicates it only supports 1 board.  Does anyone have any thoughts on
> how it might be modified to support more boards?
> Thanks,
> Gregm