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Eric Norum wrote:
> Sorry to post yet another of these requests.  The hardware I've got to
> work with keeps changing.
> Has anyone had success running RTEMS on a Motorola MVME2100 Power PC
> card?  I don't see any mention of '2100' in the libbsp/powerpc files.

Is this one of the first generation MVME PowerPC cards or something 
recent?  If recent, then turn on all the debugging output options in the
BSP and try it.  It may only be a matter of adding to the list of 
constants for the board types.

There was a 1st generation MVME PowerPC board which is not really
with any of the more recent cards.  If it is that one, there is more
involved.  I think it is CHRP versus PREP or some such.  Someone will
know more than I do. :)

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