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Powerpc IRQ handling breaks strict EABI compliance

Valette Eric wrote:
> Till Straumann wrote:
> > OK, I fixed the motorola/shared BSP to not clobber R2/R13 anymore.
> Thanks a lot.
> > However, the question remains:
> >
> >  - who is responsible for the setup (calling __eabi()) ?
> >    RTEMS or application code?

I just looked at gcc/config/rs6000/eabi.asm and I can't figure out why
I would want to run it. :)  What is it doing anyway?

> I'm not sure we need to have to have all BSP being fully EABI compliant
> and thus frozing two registers. At least I'm not sure it was done on
> old-execption-handling compliant BSP. I think that what is important is
> that IRQ code does not prevent a specific BSP, or via a compilation
> option to be fully EABI compliant.
> Now, if for some reason fully EABI compliant code is more efficient
> because the compiler optimize something that is worth having two
> register less,
> My two cents,
> -- eric

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