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Rif: open iec1131

I've missed this address:


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I don't know about a complete open-iec1131 project (at this moment),
but I know that in germany is available a good tool-chain
for IEC1131 composed of:

- Runtime system (interpreter or native code)  with sources and without
- ActiveX editors for IL, FB, SFC, FBD, Ladder languages
- Free compilators for opcode and native code


Ah, I've recently started this project and I'm in
planning phase.... (very soon first steps)


                      Peter Mueller

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                                               Oggetto:  open iec1131

                      15/02/03 13.25


this question is not really concerned to rtems, but maybe someone knows
what I'm looking for.

I'm looking for an open library or tool to draw diagrams like function
blocks from IEC1131. I like to define
my owb blocks, number of connectors. And it should be possible to group
blocks into "super-blocks".
At the end I like to have a parseable representation of my connected
blocks to generate code from it.

I've looked around for a while now but could not find what I need. There
are some tools that do partly what I want
(e.g. dot, dia, gschem ...) but its not really what I like or it would
need significant effort of adation.

Do someonw knows a nice tool or toolkit to build such applications? I
wonder if all the commercial
tools have their own home made graphical engine behind.

Thanks a lot,