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Powerpc IRQ handling breaks strict EABI compliance

Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu at faw.uni-ulm.de> writes:
> > I'm second on this. Or I was first, then you are second :) 
> I am the author of this powerpc multilib-ing scheme ;)

I meant an order of posts in this particular thread ;)

> However, this only is a reflection of what is really used inside RTEMS
> powerpc-port - I had tried to minimize it, but ..

Looking at t-rtems file it's obvious you indeed tried rather hard.

> The origin of this insanity is the cascades/plethora of defines being
> using in the powerpc's cpu.h and the split into old/new-exception
> processing. If some of these defines could be eliminated (esp.
> old/new-exception-handling) this amount of multilibs could be minimized.

I definitely agree with you that current state of PPC BSPs as a whole is total
mess. I myself dislike quite a few decisions made in the new exception
processing, but for the sake of clarity, I'd just remove all the BSPs that
don't support new exception processing from multilib variants. If somebody
(like me) wants to use them, he can build a tool-chain with customized
t-rtems. Besides, if I remember correctly, that's what Joel said will
be done when switching to multilib has been considered.