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RTEMS sucessfully ported to MetroWerks CodeWarrior

Ralf Corsepius wrote:

> Am Don, 2003-02-06 um 23.54 schrieb Dieter Schaefer:
> > first I have to apologize for my late reply - yesterday evening it was just too late and today I
> was out of the 
> > office.
> > > 
> > > 
> > > You are encouraged to submit any modifications to the RTEMS source.
> > > Please make it easy to review and merge by breaking it into discrete
> > > parts as much as is possible.  For example, the last time someone
> > > had RTEMS compiling under the Metrowerks toolset, there were some
> > > uses of GNU compiler extensions that had to be removed.
> > * "sloppy programming": add function prototypes,
> I don't know about the code base of RTEMS you "harvested", but there had
> been quite some amount of work related to fixing this in recent months.
> >  add proper type-casts, correct wrong type-cast ....
> The same applies here, but ... 
> ... many still have not yet been caught, e.g. libmisc/network-drivers
> and a general confusion wrt. "sized types" (at least 3 or more
> concurrent "sized-types systems"(BSD, POSIX, RTEMS, and various local
> hacks), coming to my mind.
> ... now you know why I will continue to insist on "strictly named
> types".
Chapeau, Ralf.

Always in the right way to avoid to waste a lot of time of work.

The 'C' evolution was possible thanks to K&R book. ONLY ONE NORM. 
After Ansi 'C' of course.

Thanks for your efforts in this way.
Muchas gracias.

> Ralf