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RTEMS web server

Valette Eric wrote:

> Wendell Thompson wrote:
>> Does the webserver support either client-side Java scripts or 
>> server-side PHP scripts? 
As far as I know, the web server has little to do with /client-side/Java 
scripts. Simply include the JavaScript in your HTML and the client 
should process it. According to GoAhead's documentation, they support 
server-side ASP although I cannot tell you how complete the 
implementation is or how much resources it uses.

>> Is there documentation I've overlooked?
>> Thanks in advance...
> The RTEMS web server is just an *very outdated* port of the goahead 
> web server. So you can find docs on the goahead web site... 

Actually, I believe that the latest snapshots include Version 2.01 of 
the GoAhead web server and the latest version is 2.04.

> BTW : could someone pick up a recent version make a patch and apply it 
> to rtems...

Charlie Steaderman
charlies at poliac.com
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Poliac Research Corporation
Phone: 952.707.6245
Cel: 612.242.6364

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