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4MByte limit in IMFS for each file?


it's me again :-)

When I tried out my "fileio" sample, I hit a strange 4MByte 
limit when creating files in the IMFS. I was working on a 
PC386 target with 16MByte of memory (and most of it was always 
available on the heap). 

When I tried to create big files (like 8MB), the write call 
always failed (with a "no space left on device" error), 
directly after reaching a 4MByte file size boundary. 

This limit does not exist on the DOSFS, only when writing to 
the IMFS. I tried it out on a MBX8xx system (with 16MByte of 
RAM) and there I hit the limit also after 4MBytes.

I was browsing through the IMFS sources and did not find any 
reason for this limitation, and I did not yet run the test 
with a debugger.

Any hints on that issue?

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