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code size latest snapshop versus 200206

Joel Sherrill wrote:

>till wrote:
>>>Is the newlib version changing between these two points?
>>yes - I don't have the exact version numbers at hand, though.
>That's a big deal if newlib went from 1.10.0 to 1.11.0.  It
>is very possible that the new newlib version has more dependencies
>than the old one.  Same tracking rules apply and likely the 
>same types of fixes.  Break files apart, eliminate calls to
>complex routines with simpler ones.
>Could someone confirm that the smaller size is with newlib 1.10.0
>and the larger size is with newlib 1.11.0?  
My numbers are ss-20020301-newlib-1.9.0 vs ss-20030128-newlib-1.11.0

-- Till