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Valette Eric wrote:

> Till Straumann wrote:
>> Hmmm - AFAIK, the MVME2100 board features an integrated MPC8240
>> chipset (60x core).
> From memory, the 82XX (e.g 8260), have the same companion/IO chip as the
> 8XX (e.g 860) but a 603E core... I have no idea about the interrupt 
> controller but if this is the case then the CPM part should be 
> similar... I think recent snapshot have indeed a 8260 port : 
> mpc8260ADS... 

8260 and 8240 are different beasts. Same 603e core, but different
embedded I/O. The 8240 is essentially a 603e+mpc107 northbirdge. 8245
adds an embedded DUART. The MPC107 logic integrates a PCI bridge, memory
controller, EPIC (openpic compliant), two-channel DMA controller, I2C
and I2O.

> So mpc8260ads is probably the best starting point and not motorola 
> shared as pointed out by till...

Nope. Motorola shared is closer IMHO.