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VME device write

Hi Till,

Thanks for your help.  I found the MMU BATs in the 
latest release rtems-ss-20030128.  I hope this is the
latest patches you meant.

You  wrote :

> PS: as I mentioned. The latest patches I submitted for the MVME2306
> BSP do all of this for you. The BSP also provides a header 'VME.h'
> with macros and subroutines for address translation (the macros
> assume the default configuration the subroutine also works if you
> change the vmeUniverseMasterPort configuration - but is substantially
> slower...). 

I did not find the 'VME.h' file anywhere.  Could it be called a different
name (e.g. vmeUniverse.h) ?  

You also wrote :

> Note that I also have a EPICS devLib port which should work with the
> MVME2306.

That is what I thought.  However, I did not find devLib port for RTEMS
anywhere in the latest EPICS release or the RTEMS one.  Could you please
E-mail me the EPICS devLib port for RTEMS ?