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Multiple dec2114x units on ppc

Valette Eric wrote:
> gregory.menke at gsfc.nasa.gov wrote:
>>  > 4) In spite of the wrappers etc. the mods. do _not_ implement
>>  >     support for multiple devices correctly.
>>  >     This is actually a _very_ good example why having the
>>  >     'on'/'off' handlers in the API is a BAD BAD idea.
> On/Off are per devices. If you want to make them generic (which they 
> have never intended to be), you indeed need to have also and additionnal 
> parameter or use the data passed back to make them work generic.

Thinking a little bit more, I this that if we have a handle in the API 
to make some driver support multiple board, it should be given also to 
the On/Off routine and contain the relevant information so that they can 
correctly perform what you want.

Side comments : If you modify part of the API (e.g to get a vector or 
get a handle to irq handler which is what gregm has done, you should not 
complain for the resulting API not to be consistent...

-- eric