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Relating rtems_symbolic_irq_name to vector number

gregory.menke at gsfc.nasa.gov wrote:

> Actually the problem is worse.  I can get the vector from the card no
> problem and get the interrupt set up- the existing code woks ok for
> that.  I also found the PPC vectoring code which makes sense, but the
> handlers are not passed any parameters... not even the vector.  I
> suppose a good reason was given at some point for lossage like this,
> but its quite annoying.  I presume its also why the unit # has been
> hardcoded in the dec and fxp drivers.  Is there any reason why I
> shouldn't tweak the vectoring code to pass the irq #- it won't cost
> but a couple instructions and will make the vectoring much simpler.

You are in the exact position where a handle could help a lot. So either 
you hardcode or change the BSP implementation to add the void*

NB : if you request it politely, I can issue a temporary patch waiting 
for Till proposal...

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