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code size latest snapshop versus 200206

Chris Johns wrote:
> Till Straumann wrote:
> > It's not clear who is really responsible for the net increase
> > as some things got bigger and some new symbols appear but other
> > symbols shrunk or disappeared.
> > There is also noticable fluctuation among small items.
> I agree. Most items are small excluding the _vfiprintf_r/_vfprintf_r etc. Some call
> must have been added to bring these in.
> Not sure why the change has happened.

If the references to _vfiprintf_r/_vfprintf_r are new, then 
please use the -Map option to ld to find out what is rerfercing it
and forcing it in.  

I am in the middle of building tools so am not in a good position to
check other targets.  What BSP are you using Peter?  If not a PPC one,
then it is likely some shared support code and we need to find it and
reduce the dependencies.

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