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RFC: new RTEMS IRQ requirements

As an outsider and newbie to rtems, it seems rather difficult to follow 
the discussion of the irq api. comming over from other rtos like MTOS 
and VMS (so long that i could hardly remember) we missed some of the 
features in rtems a find a poor api for irq. we greatly appreciate to 
introduce an user defined argument to the isr when attached to the 
system. our demands are:

1) user defined argument to isr (really a pointer)
2) portable and transparent to MP/SMP
2) generic attach and detach function calls
3) since drivers a linked statically an unload/cleanup is not required IMHO.
4) some possibility to write "super-isr" for different devices sharing a 
common interrupt vector

thank you for taking care of  my demands.

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