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RTEMS SS-20030128 available


Well that explains things. I assume that you have good reasons for not
leaving the old (working) CD version in place, while you make the new one
somewhere else?

I am not sure how to work with this, could you provide and publicise a
stable period when a cd download it going to be kosher? An 8 or 9 hour
download is not something I can do on the spur of the moment ;-).


joel.sherrill at oarcorp.com writes:
>Jack Cawkwell wrote:
>> Joel,
>> Thanks for that. I have been thinking, and wonder if the online cd-image
>> was changing when you upgraded it to the latest snapshot? I downloaded
>> cd image recently (in January), over a week in several sessions, but
>> before you launched the latest cd.
>The contents of the directory are a a moving target.  So it is quite
>possible that somethings changed in the period of a week.  I know that
>prior to the snapshot announcement, I was populating the directory
>with new tools.  So it is very possible.