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RPM rebuild made easier?

Am Don, 2003-02-27 um 16.13 schrieb Thomas Doerfler:
> Hello Joel,
> > 
> > ALthough this may result in RPMS that have different install points,
> it
> > doesn't solve the problem that the packages conflict.  You can't
> install
> > "group rtems package binutils X" and "group rtems package binutils
> Y".
> > RPM will complain.  I think that for this to work you have to
> override
> > at least the group and prefix.  Otherwise RPM will think they are
> the
> > same package.
> here is an output from my console:

> zerberus:/usr/src/packages/SPECS # rpm --version
> RPM Version 3.0.6

Sigh, probably SuSE or a very outdated RH.

> zerberus:/usr/src/packages/SPECS #
> At least the last version ( was installed after a rebuilt
> (last night) without forcing RPM to anything it did not want to do on
> its own. So FOR ME it is working (and maybe I shouldn't ask why too
> hard, otherwise it will not work anymore...).
How did you install them? Via YaST or YaST2? 

Both implicitly use --force --nodeps.

If this works for you, either your rpm is broken or your rpm-database is
corrupted, because rpm must complain if a package using the same name is
installed more than once.

> I admit that this is not perfect. But it makes it definitively easier
> for me to install tools the way I like them. And, I think, it doesn't
> break anything for the "clean" way...
Sorry, I don't agree. If you don't believe me, ask on the rpm list