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RTEMS web server

Valette Eric wrote:
> Charles Steaderman wrote:
> > According to GoAhead's documentation, they support
> > server-side ASP although I cannot tell you how complete the
> > implementation is or how much resources it uses.
> They have they own vision of what ASP/CGI is as parsing is done not by
> external program but by the web server itself
> > Actually, I believe that the latest snapshots include Version 2.01 of
> > the GoAhead web server and the latest version is 2.04.
> Yes but this represent about three yaers of development and a myriad of
> memory leak fixes...

I would be just as happy if the GoAhead webserver were NOT in the tree
and the official source had RTEMS patches and build instructions.  That
way the RTEMS port is always up to date.

But updating the version in the source tree is important in the mean

> --eric

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