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Changing networking-related compile options per-bsp

gregory.menke at gsfc.nasa.gov writes:
 > Hi,
 > I've been working on getting the MIPS .sbss and .sdata segments setup
 > for RTEMS, so far I'm making headway, but due to the sysctl stuff that
 > just got added to the link scripts, I'm running into some problems
 > where some symbols get allocated to the .sbss/.sdata incorrectly.  To
 > fix it, I'd like to adjust a compiler parameter for the libnetworking
 > related trees to suppress .sbss/.sdata for that code only- but it
 > would be only for the MIPS bsp's.
 > Is this a reasonable approach- or perhaps, how do other bsp's handle
 > this kind of thing.

OK, sorry- I figured it out.  The Mongoose at least seems to run OK on
RTEMS built with -G4.  It looks like the user program should be
compiled with the same -G parameter- at least for the file that
includes confdefs.h

The benchmarks are running now.
Sorry to disturb...