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RTEMS SS-20030128 available


If you can find the disk space for 2 images that would be good enough
for me and probably most newbies. I presumme that the old cd-image is
gone, and will wait for your announcement of the new cd image being
available. If anyone wants a real plastic CD, I would be happy to burn
them and send them in the post :-) , once I get a good image.

Thanks, Jack

joel.sherrill at oarcorp.com writes:
>Jack Cawkwell wrote:
>> Joel,
>> Well that explains things. I assume that you have good reasons for not
>> leaving the old (working) CD version in place, while you make the new
>> somewhere else?
>Yep.  It eats disk space a gigabyte at a time. :)  
>> I am not sure how to work with this, could you provide and publicise a
>> stable period when a cd download it going to be kosher? An 8 or 9 hour
>> download is not something I can do on the spur of the moment ;-).
>How about I try to build a "new tree" in a separate directory and then
>swap the old and new?  I could even go so far as to make "current-cd"
>as a symlink to a cd-date.  That would make it possible to keep two
>images online.  I don't want to keep N images online but 2 is OK.
>When the next modifcation happens, I will try that: