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RTEMS sucessfully ported to MetroWerks CodeWarrior

Schaefer-Comtronic is proud to announce that RTEMS has been successfully ported to
MetroWerks CodeWarrior Development Studio for PowerPC hosted on Windows.

At present, this port is available for the TQM860L family of modules.
It supports
* MPC860 with 50MHz and 80MHz
* 64MByte SDRAM and 8MByte Flash
* SMC1 + SMC2 for Terminal/Console I/O
* Ethernet on SCC1 and FEC 
* Telnet-Server, FTP-Server and WebServer 
* CAN-Controller (Intel 82527)

TQM860L modules are produced by TQ-Components. (www.tqc.de)

If you have questions concerning this port or the TQM860L Modules, don't hesitate to contact us.

Ports for other targets are planned or already under development. 
In particular boards based on MPC555, MPC565, MPC8260 and ColdFire processors.

With kind regards
Dieter B. Schaefer
- Managing Director -

Schaefer Comtronic GmbH
Am Heidenstock 3
64807 Dieburg

Tel: +49 6071 980002
Fax: +49 6071 23071
Email: Dieter.Schaefer at Schaefer-Comtronic.de