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why is RTEMS_VERSION not set?

Am Mit, 2003-02-26 um 19.43 schrieb Joel Sherrill:
> Ralf .. is this negatively impacting the string that is _RTEMS_version
> in sapi/include/rtems/sptables.h.in.
It actually is not directly related to _RTEMS_version, it is only
related to _RTEMS_version by the way _RTEMS_version currently is

_RTEMS_version is an external char[], we can setup where ever we want
to, by whatever means we want to. So, the way it currently is setup
actually is irrelevant from an application's view.

>   I think that string is important.
No. Only existence/presence of the symbol _RTEMS_version is to some
extend important, not it's current implementation.

I say to some extend, because people should be using uname in their
applications instead of using _RTEMS_version directly.