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RTEMS SS-20030128 available


Thanks for that. I have been thinking, and wonder if the online cd-image
was changing when you upgraded it to the latest snapshot? I downloaded the
cd image recently (in January), over a week in several sessions, but
before you launched the latest cd.

Referring to the other thread about the build tools, I am happy with
using the tools, I cannot think of a better way of doing it. But I have
it hard to impossible to get a complete set of working tools and RTEMS
version. The cd image should solve this problem. I have multiple linux
boxes and can have more than one build environment, so once I get a working


joel.sherrill at oarcorp.com writes:
>Jack Cawkwell wrote:
>> Well I do feel guilty that I am not contributing by testing out the CD
>> image.
>> I cleared out all the old versions using commands like rpm -q -a | grep
>> rtems,
>> and then removing anything detected; I am pretty sure I removed
>If you always use the RPMs, this will work:
>rpm -e `rpm -qg rtems `
>and just to be sure:
>rm -rf /opt/rtems/*