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CD-Working replaced

Jack Cawkwell wrote:
> Joel,
> This may seem a bit picky :-) , but I am currently down loading the
> cd-working
> directory tree. I have 771M and it is still going. This is more than a cd
> can hold.
> Are you anticipating using a DVD, or is it worth splitting things into two
> or more related sets of files, on different CDs?

Long ago, we planned on a CD per host with duplication of the RTEMS
on each CD.  We were hoping to do a LInux+RTEMS CD1 and Cygwin/Solaris
on CD2 but I don't think that will work.

Linux Tools    --> 397,000 K
Solaris Tools  --> 308,940 K
Cygwin Tools   --> 405,212 K
contrib        -->  26,284 K
Misc at Top    -->  13,040 K (includes RTEMS but no docs)
Doc            -->  10,324 K (old tarball, compressed version)
Doc Browseable -->  46,848 K (old browseable, untarred of above)

So I am not sure how it will be broken across CDs now.  It is
about 1,285,160 K which is actually slightly over 2 CDs if my math is
right.  So it might be Linux+RTEMS, Cygwin+RTEMS, Solaris+RTEMS in a
3 CD set.