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Building Tools

Ralf Corsepius wrote:

>Am Die, 2003-02-25 um 07.01 schrieb Angelo Fraietta:
>>Do I have to download any patches to build the latest tools for a 
>>pc386dx target ?
>> (I am doing with OSX as the host now).
>There are better choices than using OSX for RTEMS and for GNU software
>in general ;)
I have found that out already, however, I have to get it working on OSX 
as I am presenting my project (hopefully) at an international 
conferencethis year. The concept will be that the Mac users of my device 
will have the source, and so will be able to recompile the binary for 
their instrument. This is quite revolutionary for musical instruments.

>>I have downloaded the following:
>>gcc-3.2.1.tar.gz and
>The versions of the set of patches required for particular version of
>RTEMS can be found hidden inside of the file scripts/setup.def in
>RTEMS's source tree.
>The actual diffs/patches should be available somewhere on
>If rpm is available for OSX or have access to another machine with rpm,
>I'd recommend to download the *.nosrc.rpm and unpackage them instead
>(the nosrc.rpms contain all required patches, but do not contain the
>main tarballs).

Could I do this on my linux machine without having to upgrade the rpm 
version on the linux host?


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