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Default POSIX thread attributes?

On Tuesday 11 February 2003 16:47, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> gregory.menke at gsfc.nasa.gov wrote:
> > Vladimir Nesic writes:
> >  > Current implementation of pthreads has a strange default
> >  > attribute set, which is not documented, and it took me almost a
> >  > whole month to find out why an app that worked on Linux stopped
> >  > working on RTEMS.
> >
> > These kinds of bugs can be <very> hard to track down on any
> > operating system.  If you rely on default pthread behavior, you're
> > going to have lots of problems.  The pthread interface kind of
> > sucks in general- its advantage is its sort of portable.
> The standard does not specify the default attributes as I recall.  If
> there is some piece of standard documentation RTEMS does not adhere
> to, file a PR.
> Otherwise, this falls into the "POSIX didn't cover this" category.

OK, I have learnd my lesson, but I don't have POSIX standard, so I had 
to relay on docs from RTEMS and LINUX. Since RTEMS doesn't say anything 
about it, a guessed that LINUX docs apply :(