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ISR Argument Proposal Request

gregory.menke at gsfc.nasa.gov wrote:

> At present cpu.h provides a per-cpu #define for conditionally
> including the 2nd stack frame parameter- its not accessible by
> configure.  Perhaps that approach could stay if people desire it- a
> 2nd parameter is inexpensive on mips, but not necessarily elsewhere.
> I've come into this discussion a bit late, my interpretation of the
> discussion is people are contemplating changing the vector table to an
> array of structs, one per vector, which contain the vector address and
> a user-supplied void * which is passed with the vector call.  Each bsp
> will index into the array as it suits the architecture- the advantage
> of the structs being it allows the programmer to supply something
> useful rather than having to interpret a vector # or creating a pile
> of small functions to do it.  Is this right?
> On the mips, we vector exceptions from the same table as interrupts,
> which I think is a wash in this case as we would set the void * to the
> exception #.

I think you should have a look at the PPC implementation of irq handling 
because we are discussing different things here. The handler table and 
the irq handler argument do not need to be in the same table, just on 
many arch it will save instructions to do so as the hdl and its argument 
are "close".

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