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Help With coldfire needed

My basic questions are:
1. What is the best version of GCC to use for the coldfire?
2. Do I need patches on GCC to make the coldfire work?
3. Is the version of RTEMS I am using tied to a particular version of 

Right now I'm using RTEMS SS 11182002, Gcc 3.2 and binutils 2.13.1.
Should I be using GCC 2.95 with special coldfire patches? If so, can I 
still use RTEMS SS 11182002 with the 2.95 GCC?


Read on for more details:

I need some advice on using RTEMS on the Coldfire. I'm trying to get a 
BSP working for the MCF5307C3 Eval board and here is where I am so far:

1. I started with RTEMS ss 11182002, GCC 3.2 and binutils 2.13.1.
2. I was able to clone the MCF5206elite libcpu and bsp as my starting 
point. I can build the BSP and examples without error.
3. I carefully went through and "transformed" the 5206elite bsp into my 
5307C3 bsp. I have double checked every bit in the register definitions.
4. I can load up and run the RTEMS examples for the most part, but the 
console and UART output just does not seem to work. If I write the 
characters that my UART driver is supposed to be outputting into RAM, I 
can run & dump RAM and see the results of hello.exe, paranoia.exe, 
ticker.exe etc..

In an effort to verify that I can get do something with the UART, I set 
up a minimum.exe example that does not include the console or clock 
drivers, then I cut and pasted a small Polled UART initialization 
routine and putchar into that example. I'm just trying to initialize the 
uart and put out a couple of characters in polled mode. I verified the 
addresses of all of the uart registers, and I double checked how they 
are being programmed, but I just cant seem to get the uart output 

I'm starting to suspect that maybe GCC 3.2 might not be ready for the 

Any help would be appreciated,