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Building Tools

Am Die, 2003-02-25 um 07.01 schrieb Angelo Fraietta:
> Do I have to download any patches to build the latest tools for a 
> pc386dx target ?

>  (I am doing with OSX as the host now).
There are better choices than using OSX for RTEMS and for GNU software
in general ;)

> I have downloaded the following:
> binutils-
> gcc-3.2.1.tar.gz and
> newlib-1.11.0.tar.GZ
The versions of the set of patches required for particular version of
RTEMS can be found hidden inside of the file scripts/setup.def in
RTEMS's source tree.

The actual diffs/patches should be available somewhere on

If rpm is available for OSX or have access to another machine with rpm,
I'd recommend to download the *.nosrc.rpm and unpackage them instead
(the nosrc.rpms contain all required patches, but do not contain the
main tarballs).