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pending release issues

I have a few outstanding items. I'm just in the process of
putting patches together.

-- Till

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> I have this list.  Anyone want to add anything to it before I
> start working this list and cutting tarballs:
> + uipc_mbuf.c routing bug patch from Mike Siers
> + gdb NetBSD patch to psim
>   GDB-5.2 has a file gdb-5.2/sim/ppc/hw_sem.c with a #define
>   _SEM_SEMUN_UNDEFINED that is undefined, at least in my system
> + gdb Cygwin patch to erc32
> + README.configure on motorola_powerpc
> + update tool and patch versions in documentation
> + cut new tarballs of all components including documentation
> + mirror Till's cexp, NFS client, etc.
> NOTE: Ralf and I have been battling canadian cross built toolsets
> for Cygwin and Solaris.  I am planning on starting the release process
> with just Linux binaries and then filling in Cygwin and Solaris
> post branching when we get the build issues solved.