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RTEMS web server

Joel Sherrill wrote:

> I would be just as happy if the GoAhead webserver were NOT in the tree
> and the official source had RTEMS patches and build instructions.  That
> way the RTEMS port is always up to date.

Sure. We even did it : we did provide them with port for Chorus and 
RTEMS. They just do not have taken care to integrate/maintain it when 
releasing new version. Readding the news, many other people have 
complained about this for other OS as well. So I'm affraid, going into 
this direction is not very practical.

> But updating the version in the source tree is important in the mean
> time.

It was just a warning so that goahead web server users are aware of it. 
Its very good for buidling sexy demo, not for prodcution...

-- eric