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I have posted a RTEMS pwlib patch to openh323 mailing list.

This is a diff against latest pwlib from openh323 CVS. It compiles and 
test samples run.

OpenH323 protocol stack compiles as well, but test samples doesnt run :(
I suspect it has to do something with rtems posix api, but cant say what 

Anyway, it is tested on motorola 68360, and compiles with 

make OSTYPE=rtems MACHTYPE=m68k CPUTYPE=mcpu32 
HOST_PLATFORM_TYPE=linux_x86 debugnoshared

I wold like to hear from others, using diferent platforms, and of course 
from anyone who is willing to work on making pwlib completely usable.


P.S. I hope that they will put it onto their CVS, but if they dont Joel 
is willing to put it on RTEMS cvs if there are people interested.
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