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working without OS...

From: <Alexandre.Tarayre at space.alcatel.fr>

> Hello,
> I'm working without OS and I would know how to :

>  - setup a periodic interrupt that calls an operation every X ms,
>  - enable interrupts,
>  - disable interrupts.

> What are the C functions (or libraries) that permit to do that ?

I don't think there are a standard C functions which permit you to do this
my experience about teach me that ever Compilator family (GCC, IAR, DIAB)
customize this aspect also for CPU familty, so you must check the
of C compilator to see how you can define a function to be mapped in a
Vector Table. The next step is manually set the CPU internal registers which
managers of interrupt settings (level, modality, and so on). If your CPU
have an
internal timer you can, in general line, set a timer to generate an internal
otherwise you must use and external timing chip connected with your desired
interrupt CPU input pin.