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MSR storing - to Joel and E.Valette

Leon Pollak wrote:
> On Thursday 24 January 2002 14:05, you wrote:
> > leonp wrote:
> > > On Thursday 24 January 2002 12:32, you wrote:
> > > But what to do in my case - I want to disable IRQ globally, I don't want
> > > HW events to occur?
> > Why do not use the external hardware controller? You can disable all
> > interrupts at SIU level just by clearing or setting to 0xffffffff in a
> > 32 bits word. For me this is the right way to do. But, from a
> > theoritical design point of view, if you manipulate this kinds of bits
> > with selective values (nor everything on or off) at thread level, then
> > you should make the thread non-preemptible...
> OK, but here it seems to me we have some inconsistency.
> >From one side saving MSR at a context switch we want to reach IRQ state per
> thread.
> >From another side, the current interrupt priority level is set in SIU, but it
> seems to be not saved in context.
> This means, if I have not missed something,  that Joel's goal to preserve the
> interrupt level per thread remains unimplemented.

RTEMS (the executive proper) has in general never considered interrupt
controllers part of the per-thread context switch.  In order to properly
support this, there would have to be general hooks for BSP specific
to do this.  I know that many PowerPC VME boards would have a terribly
ugly time of providing a general solution.  

RTEMS takes the simple route and simply masks external interrupts at
the CPU level across all ports.  If you want the external interrupt
state to be managed per-thread, then I suggest you consider adding a
user extension that manages it.  I believe you could use the newlib
reentrancy extension as a model.  I think the behavior is similar --
at task create, allocate and initialize a PIC context strucuture. At
switch, save old and restore new.  At delete, free the memory.  You
want to address the semtantics of restart.  I think we usually do this
by having task begin actually do the initialization to a default state.

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