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Is it correct to store MSR in context switch?

leonp wrote:

> Hello, all.
> 	I encountered the following problem (MPC860, RTEMS 20001201 but this seems 
> to be not touched):
> 	The Machine Status Register is saved each time the context switch is 
> performed. This leads to the following unexpected result - if in one task the 
> _ISR_Disable(arg) is used, it may be neutralized by the task switch. One can 
> say, that this is very unusual thing to disable interrupts in the running 
> system still doing task switching. But this is not an impossible case - I 
> need it :-)).
> 	Will it cause any harm if the MSR register will not be saved in context 
> switches? It does not seem to contain any task specific information...

Yes this will in general : the MSR status is a thread attribute that 
shall not be lost. It contains for example the FP status (enabled 
disabled, single stepping) that you cannot lost when switching back.

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