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bsd network and C++

From: "Peter M?ller" <peter.o.mueller at gmx.de>
To: "rtems" <rtems-users at oarcorp.com>; "Rosimildo da Silva"
<rdasilva at connecttel.com>
Sent: Saturday, June 30, 2001 1:52 PM
Subject: Re: bsd network and C++

> > Rosimildo.
> >
> Here is my test code. Would be great if you could test it.
> Peter

Peter, sorry for the delay. Only today I could get a hold and check this.

I had some problems with this demo. :-)

  1.  Stack of the secondary task  would blow up. 1K size -- change it to
  2.  I get an error 13 ( request not safisfied ) on task1->create(). And
error 23( not owner )
       on task1->start()

I did not bother to find out what is wrong. I guess the default config on
PC386 is not
the same as m68K, and something is making the creation of the task to fail.

The point is, this demo also fails here.