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[patch] newlib long long printf for rtems

Hi Aaron,

: I asked Joel Sherrill about it on the rtems-users list:
: > is there any reason why newlib doesn't enable long long support in
: > printf for RTEMS?
: to which Joel replied:
: > Very simple, it was overlooked and no one noticed until now. :)
: >
: > Submit a patch.
: so I did.

Fair enough - I was just asking.  I am not the official maintainer for
newlib (that would be Jeff Johnston <jjohnstn at redhat.com>) but I ran
across this same problem for a different toolchain so I was interested
to know if there were any expected problems.

: for future reference, should all rtems-specific patches be sent
: through Joel? 

Sorry I do not know.  My guess would be that having them discussed on
the rtems-users list would be the right thing to do first, and once
they are ready submitting them to the appropriate mailing list
(newlib at sources.redhat.com in this particular case).