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RTEMS snapshot ss-20010126 available

I've noticed a couple problems with the revised ftpd.  I'm
trying to track them down...  I figure since Sergei has made
the most recent modifications, he may know better what changes
broke them (or if I'm setting things up incorrectly)...

1. LIST is sometimes sent from a client without a path.  Currently,
   FTPD expects LIST to have some path.  This should be a matter
   of checking the number of arguments filled by sscanf.  Using the
   command "dir ." with ftp clients will fix this problem, but it 
   is inconvenient.
2. Multiple connections sometimes cause a crash.  I ftp with one
   client and do: "dir ." and get a directory.  A second ftp client
   (while the first one is open or even after the first one is closed)
   causes a crash at "dir .".  I don't know the source of this one,
3. Hooks are broken (the filename comparison doesn't appear to 
   work anymore -- I put to a hook and it just creates a file with
   that name.  [this one particularly sucked because I could not
   download an old code image...  I had to dig out the debug cable
   and do the gdb song and dance]
   -- This one occurs because you take the filename and the CWD and
      build a new filename.  This new filename may/may not match the
      hook.  Originally, I planned that hooks would not depend on the
      current working directory.  I don't know what you have in mind
      for the revised setup.

I'm using the following configuration:

struct rtems_ftpd_configuration rtems_ftpd_configuration =
      FTPD_TASK_PRIORITY,     /* FTPD task priority */
      512*1024,               /* Maximum hook 'file' size */
      0,                      /* Default port */
      ftpd_hooks,             /* Local ftpd hooks */
      0,                      /* Use / for home directory */
      5,                      /* Up to 5 connections */
      30,                     /* Timeout */
      0                       /* Read-write access */

Sergei, you mention that the hooks should be dropped in favor
of RTEMS pseudo-devices.  What are these and how easily can they
be built and installed?  I'm familiar with the device setup with
RTEMS, but it is substantially more complex than just associating
some action with a buffer.  If the pseudo-devices are easy, I'd
be more than happy to switch to them, but right now, creating
devices for the hooks I have would be a pain.


On Fri, Jan 26, 2001 at 03:03:20PM -0600, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> As far as I know, this includes every patch/submission sent
> in during the past few weeks.  It fixes a bug or two in recent
> snapshots (unix port works again for example).  It also includes
> the "multiuser" patches.  From my perspective, the core of these 
> patches is a neater organization of the POSIX process related
> parameters.
> ftp://ftp.oarcorp.com/pub/rtems/snapshots/rtems/current
> Enjoy.
> -- 
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