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how to boot hello.exe from floppy disk?

Copy hello.exe to a standard Dos FAT disk
Boot your PC with the Grub boot disk
Swap disks when you have  the Grub prompt; i.e. The disk with hello.exe is now in the floppy drive
follow these prompts
grub > root=(fd0)
grub> kernel = /hello.exe

Hello.exe should boot

rtems wrote:

> CPU=i386 bsp=pc386
> i have built "hello.exe" and use GRUB to boot it from my hard disk successfully, but i can't boot it from one floppy disk.
> i download GRUB-0.5.94 to generate stage1 and stage2, use "dd" copy it to one floppy disk, but when i use "root (fd0)", it tell me "unknown file system" ,so i can't copy "hello.exe" to this floppy disk, what should i do next?
> thank you
> Rick
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