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MCF5307 BSP was Re: Newbie Question

Robert -

I'll be working on getting a ColdFire BSP up and running under RTEMS 4.5.0
over the next few months.  I'd be happy to correspond with you regarding
getting things up and running.

I'll probably start with the SBC5206 board, but will eventually move to our
companie's proprietary hardware.

I've taken a stab at it, but know that what I'm at needs a lot more work.


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Robert Daniels wrote:
> I've been attempting to get rtems up and running for my MCF5307 board and
> I've run into a few problems.  I tried using the 4.5.0-beta3a version and
> found that the Dave Fiddes BSP didn't exactly work with this new version.
> attempted to make some modifications to make the BSP compile with rtems,
> the .exe's don't run on my board and I have no idea why(I have close to no
> experience with embedded development.)  I then tried to get the 4.0.0
> release and use it with the toolset I used for 4.5.0-beta3a, but rtems
> compile with this (a problem with rtems_bsdnet_free).  My basic question
> how can I get a working version of rtems for the coldfire 5307?  Is anyone
> else using rtems on a coldfire 5307?  Any help would be greatly

Even since 4.5.0, there have been been changes to the configure and make
infrastructure.  Since 4.0.0, there have been even more changes in the
build infrastructure and numerous cleanups to BSPs in general into
increase shared code.

You need to redo the Makefiles and configure infrastructure and then
for use of shared procedures where formerly BSPs had their own copies.
at a simple m68k bsp like sim68000.

I do not know how long this would take you but I would think it was only
a few days of consulting to get it to compile again.  A while longer to
test it.  Let me know if you want someone to take care of it for you.

> Thanks!
> Robert Daniels
> robertd at vantageinc.com

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