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[RTEMS]Kernel info?

"Fernando RUIZ CASAS (E-mail)" wrote:
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> De: Jeffrey [mailto:jeffrey at antek.com.tw]
> Enviado el: martes, 02 de enero de 2001 4:26
> Para: RTEMS mails
> Asunto: [RTEMS]Kernel info?
> Hi All:
> I studied the RTEMS c user's guide, found that RTEMS does not have any
> kernel related debug info api calls(e.g. task's current stack size,
> minimum stack size, message queue's current remaining queue
> length/minimum queue length...). All the other famous RTOS(pSOS, Nucleus,
> VxWorks) have lots of these kernel related debug info api. Are you
> planning to provide these functions or have provided but not documented ?
> Please kindly tell me. Thanks in advance. ( The VxWorks even provide
> call back function for each context switch, this is helpful if we want
> to know which task is consuming most of the cpu resource.)
> Sincerely,
> Jeffrey Wu
> Hi Jeffrey
> You have rtems_extension (See 'C' user guide) to implement an added
> task_switcher procedure.
> There is a cpu task time consuming extension sample builded.
> Browse the rtems tree...


There is also a similar extension to report on rate monotonic periods

> In tcb structure there is a lot of information for the current task.
> In the extension you can access at this information. (poor documentent but
> the sources are availiables and the comments let you to understand them)

You might want to also see
for his RRM - Remote Resources Monitor

We have generally been very willing to accept submissions that return
valuable information.  The original RTEID/ORKID specifications had
poor debug/informational interfaces and it has just never been
Recently, the rtems_region_get_information() service was added.  I would
suggest that this is the appropriate model for adding services of this
type.  Given an ID, fill in a structure with information.  I don't have
a problem with simple functions that return useful information 
but having the more general routine is better.

The monitor code displays lots of information.

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