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similar products to RTEMS

alberto capella wrote:

> Hi!
> Excuse me for my bad english please.
> In the FAQ archive I got from RTEMS Internet site I've read the
> following:
> Are there no similar commercial products?
> =========================================
> Yes, but not all are based on standards and the open source philosophy.
> Does anybody know what similar products are these?

RTEMS is a real-time operating system which does not support processes
in the UNIX system.  That makes it comparable to many executives, kernels,
and RTOSes including (but certainly not limited to) commercial offerings
like VxWorks, pSOS+,  Nucleus, etc, etc. and open source packages like
eCOS and uCOS.

There are many factors that go into selecting an RTOS for a particular
application.  Some are technical, some are business.  The factors that
usually way in RTEMS favor are:

 + low cost (no royalties, free development tools, RTOS is free)
 + source is available at 0 cost
 + customized levels of support
 + standards based (POSIX, BSD TCP/IP, RTEID/pSOS+, ITRON)
 + good support for multiple GNU languages (C, C++, Ada, and Java)
 + very portable
 + configurable

And let's not forget .. fast and predictable performance.  The tasking
services are fast and the network screams.


> Thanks.