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RTEMS snapshot ss-20010126 available

Jake Janovetz <janovetz at uiuc.edu> writes:

> 3. Hooks are broken (the filename comparison doesn't appear to 
>    work anymore -- I put to a hook and it just creates a file with
>    that name.  [this one particularly sucked because I could not
>    download an old code image...  I had to dig out the debug cable
>    and do the gdb song and dance]
>    -- This one occurs because you take the filename and the CWD and
>       build a new filename.  This new filename may/may not match the
>       hook.  Originally, I planned that hooks would not depend on the
>       current working directory.  I don't know what you have in mind
>       for the revised setup.

If you need the hook to don't depend on current working directory, call it so
that its name begins with `/'. Or is it a problem? Does it work for you?