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FTPD patch.


Yet another patch for RTEMS FTPD has been submitted by me to Joel. Below is
description of changes. Any comments/suggestions are welcome.

2001-01-22        Sergei Organov <osv at javad.ru>

  * Timeouts on sockets implemented. 'idle' field added to
    configuration. No timeout by default to keep backward compatibility.
    Note: SITE IDLE command not implemented yet.
  * Basic global access control implemented. 'access' field added to
    configuration. No access limitations by default to keep backward

2001-01-17        Sergei Organov <osv at javad.ru>

  * Anchor data socket for active mode (using self IP and port 20.)
  * Fixed default data port support (still not tested).
  * Don't allow IP address different from originating host in
    PORT command (to improve security).
  * Fixed bug in MDTM command.
  * Check for correctness of parsing of argument in command_port().
  * Fixed squeeze_path() to don't allow names like 'NAME/smth' where
    'NAME' is not a directory.
  * Command parsing a little bit improved: command names are now
    converted to upper-case to be more compatible with RFC (command
    names are not case-sensitive.)
  * Reformat comments so that they have RTEMS look-and-feel.

2001-01-16        Sergei Organov <osv at javad.ru>

  * Fixed DELE, SITE CHMOD, RMD, MKD broken by previous changes
  * True ASCII mode implemented (doesn't affect hooks and /dev/null though)
  * Passive mode implemented, PASV command added.
  * Default port for data connection could be used (untested, can't find
    ftp client that doesn't send PORT command)
  * SYST reply changed to UNIX, as former RTEMS isn't registered name.
  * Reply codes reviewed and fixed.